September 07, 2018


Cussing & Crying

This episode of A&G includes a little Burt (courtesy of jack), some gull kicking, COW, a haiku and some top quality mockery of Corey Booker (courtesy of Joe).


Good For Her Marriage

One of our faves, White House reporter DEBRA J. SAUNDERS joins Armstrong & Getty to talk Trump--including her thoughts on who wrote the NYT Op-Ed about the President. Plus, Jack continues to express is love for Burt Reynolds. And, some thoughts on life and the sacrifices made by those who protect our country.


Long Division, Cursive & Swear Words

This episode of A&G features french fries, Elon Musk, Kavanaugh Trolling and the perfect cover for a white supremacist.


The Logan Featurette

We revisit a portion of our most recent discussion with Lara Logan regarding the state of affairs in Afghanistan, as well as take another look at Ben Sasse's comments during the Kavanaugh Hearing. Plus, Marshall has news and we offer Final Thoughts.