September 04, 2018


Seasons of Our Lives

This is day one of the next 20 years of the Armstrong & Getty Show! Within this episode, Jack reflects on the shift from summer to fall. Meanwhile, Joe laments coining a new phrase. Plus, Colin Kaepernick has a new Nike contract.


A Timepiece For Politics of the Moment

Brett Kavanaugh is in the midst of his Supreme Court nomination. Adam White joins Jack & Joe to explain the substance of the hearings. Plus, Jack has a story about a British spy--with a unique twist! And, Nike takes sides!


The Grubby World of Politics

Day 1 of The Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings continue. Jack & Joe listen-in while Senator Feinstein makes her case against the judge. Plus, Steve Bannon is bounced from a speaking event, celebs put their double standard on display. And, colleges are prepping for a new wave of students--who can't pay attention!


This is No Way to Run A Country

We're looking for Kava-knowledge during his episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show. While the hearings continues, Jack & Joe also dip into the Aretha funeral, Legos future and the Ronan Farrow/NBC feud!