September 20, 2018


I Was Empowered

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, a former classmate of the Kavanaugh accuser backtracked after posting a false story about alleged assault on Christine Blasey Ford.


A Really Good Ending

During this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe discuss Elon Musk, the national EAS text tape, the fabric of our memories and the cost of an oil change of a new Bugatti!


Cash to the Poor

Following Jack & Joe's discussion on giving cash to the poor, the guys are joined by The Washington Examiner's Beckett Adams to talk about the Kavanaugh-scopy. Plus, Hamza Shaban joins the show to talk about one of your worst nightmares--more scam calls are coming to your cell phone!


The Carnage is Unmistakeable

Joe Getty has to make a major life decision--will he favor his health, or his long-time mistress--GOLF? During this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe also cover the Kavanaugh-scopy and the location of Spock's home planet.