September 19, 2018


A Giant Leap for Mankind!

This episode of A&G features a truck with no tail lights, pressures we can't imagine, a command from a Congresswoman, bad news for Positive Sean and thoughts on Bert & Ernie!


Revisiting Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas

While we wait for the Kavanaugh hearing to take place, we revisit the Clarence Thomas confirmation. Plus, there's a huge settlement being offered to victims of abuse by the Catholic Church. And, Joe reads a poem like a pirate.


Like a Hostage Video

We have a hate speech list, a winded Positive Sean, a broken iPhone screen and a slimy string of words within this episode of Armstrong & Getty! Plus, Jack has brief update on his home life.


Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation!

Jack & Joe located a researcher behind the theory that US diplomats in Cuba and China were not assaulted by a Sonic Attack, but rather "a heat wave" (that's what we're calling it). Dr. Beatrice Golomb will provide a proper explanation. Plus, there's more on the Kavanaugh-scopy and Final Thoughts.