September 18, 2018


We Begin with Great Excitement

It looks as though Monday's presumed Kavanaugh hearing will be a circus, and Jack is excited to witness the mayhem! Plus, the Emmy's happened last night--what about The Fonz!!??


Feinstein in Trouble?

ABC News Legal Analyst Royal Oakes joins A&G to discuss the letter at the heart of the Kavanaugh controversy. Plus, the Emmy's put a spotlight on a long list of unknown shows.


Turn Him Into A Monster

David Drucker joins A&G to talk about what may be an overwhelming swampy flood--the Kavanaugh Hearing. But then, breaking news seems to indicate a complete change of course--listen to Armstrong & Getty as the drama unfolds!


Can Sasse Drain the Swamp?

During this episode of A&G, Positive Sean tries to ruin everyone's life via an excerpt from the new Stormy Daniels book. Thansfully, Chris Deaton joins Jack & Joe to discuss the prospect of a Ben Sasse future--in which the swamp is truly drained.