September 10, 2018


True Power is Fear

We launch a new week on The Armstrong & Getty Show with what could be a very dangerous spider bite, the definition of true power and Joe's revised announcement regarding the author or the NYT Op-Ed.


What Have We Learned??

The NYT Op-Ed continues to be top-of-mind on The Armstrong & Getty Show. This episode also features in accurate stats, lower sperms counts and 5 Ways To Be Smarter At Work.


The Greg Lukianoff Interview

The lawyer and author joins A&G to talk about the new book, "The Coddling of the American Mind". Plus, Marshall features Ben Sasse, Syria's terrible strategy, Nike's profits. Plus, what happened to The Knife Media?


Jack Changes His Mind

During this episode of A&G, Jack reveals 3 times that he's changed his mind regarding--the truth may shock you. Plus, Joe has the details on a hideous new bill that would protect PG&E from litigation. And, there's final thoughts.