August 09, 2018


I Can't Thank You Enough!

This episode of Armstrong & Getty features your freedom loving thought of the day, courtesy of Joe's Mailbag! Plus, Jack tries a new beverage. And, a drunk girls tries to talk herself out of jail time--a must listen!


Lara Logan Preview

60 Minutes Correspondent is the latest guest on the new A&G Long-form Podcast. During this episode of the A&G Show, Jack & Joe play a few highlights. Plus, protesters bring the violence, and Marshall has the latest headlines.


Press The Button, Monkey!

In this episode of A&G, the Academy Awards folks have added a new category--Jack & Joe discuss. Plus, what's so funny about peace love and censorship. And, Dating--why don't we stay in our lanes?


We've Reached A Decision Point

CA Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox joins Jack & Joe for this episode of Armstrong & Getty to talk about the woes that afflict the DMV. Marshal covers Space Force in The News and there's Final Thoughts!