August 08, 2018


Savings & Scurvy

We're intent to avoid any discussion regarding any midterm election that took place last night! Instead, this episode of Armstrong & Getty will feature Elon Musk, a gut check and Joe's thoughts on the condition of our healthcare industry.


Men & Women Diet Differently??

The Fabulous Cheri Preston joins A&G to report on a new story regarding dieting habits. Plus, why Kim Kardashian is the straw ban tipping point. And, find out why Socialists are the new Libertarians.


Can He Make Money?

Drew Harwell of the WaPo joins A&G to talk about Elon Musk's surprise announcement about taking Telsa private. Plus, there's a change coming to the NFL Cheerleading scene!


Take A Nightstick to 'Em!

The entire dockless bike sensation has created quite a host of reactions within several communities. But why are hostile "anti-dockless"-types so angry? Also within this episode of A&G, Positive Sean is enlisted to conduct an important study, and Bill Clinton is swinging again!