August 06, 2018


The Viking vs. The Neanderthal

There is no more important question today than this one...if a viking and and a neanderthal were to fight one another--who would win? Armstrong & Getty tackle that important question, plus Joe has Shower Thoughts and Marshall has the latest headlines.


Thankfully, there's Steven Seagal

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, the Democratic Party has picked an odd time to have an identity crisis. And, there are "2 problematic admissions about the Trump Tower meeting"--WaPo reporter Aaron Blake explains.


Ranking the Trumps!

Though Don Jr. may (or may not) be in legal jeopardy, Eric Trump has seen his stock rise in Joe Getty's official ranking of the Trump Family. Plus, a new A&G character, "The Advice Pirate" may join forces with another new cast member. And, Randy Quaid reads Trump Tweets!


Blow on Joe’s Mexican Flute

Within this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe comment on a NYTimes article regarding retirement--is anyone responsible for their own spending habits? And, Marshall explains the contents of Joe’s garage in one simple study.