August 29, 2018


It Was the Flux Capacitor!

This hour of A&G contains a perfectly legit excuse for all technical problems--use it frequently. Plus, Jack & Joe agree on the significance of a broken cell phone screen. Plus, Joe may have lined-up President Trump's next gig!


Jack's a Weird Fundamentalist

This episode of Armstrong & Getty features naked bike riders (and the ailments they earn from Burning Man), and a special A&G feature--CHATTY CHECKOUT THEATER! Plus, WaPo's Amber Phillips talks about the Florida Gubernatorial race.


The Treachery of Queen Bees

Are women being bullied in the workplace--by women? Jack has the story of Queen Bees, and plenty of responses from women who say it's true. Plus, we have the latest on the Catholic Church abuse scandal.


A Preview of 2020?

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, the Florida Gubernatorial race is just the type of thing that Jack usually ignores--but not this time! Plus, Marshall has the headlines and Final Thoughts!