August 22, 2018


Without the Fever!

Cable news outlets were giddy with excitement yesterday following the dual news stories of Cohen and Manafort. Jack & Joe aim to analyze the facts of both stories--without the frenzied and breathlessness!


The Reptilian Brain

Legal expert Bill Portonova joins The Armstrong & Getty Show to discuss the Manafort & Cohen cases. Plus, Marshall has the latest details on the Duncan Hunter indictment.


Will Dems Focus on Impeachment?

Political Analyst Gary Dietrich joins Armstrong & Getty to discuss the politics behind the Cohen plea and Manafort verdicts. Plus, CA Congressman Duncan Hunter is also in trouble for some crazy campaign finance violations! And, Joe explains why he hates Nancy Pelosi!


The Front Hole

Yes, we are now adding "gender inclusive language" to our repertoire--find out why within this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show. Plus, we'll have the latest scandals, impeachment talk and we'll throw-in a Pepsi Clear reference for good measure.