August 20, 2018


Is the Truth the Truth?

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Joe returns from "Joechella" (his trip to Boise) with gifts and a bountiful Mailbag. Plus, Jack rips the Catholic Church's response to the scandal in Pennsylvania.


The Truth Isn't Truth!

Within this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about Rudy Giuliani's comment from Meet the Press, "truth isn't the truth". Plus, National Review senior writer Michael Warren joins the show to help explain Trump's response. Plus, there's more of Joe's travelogue from his trip to Boise!


Do Your Chores, Kid!

A new study shows that many parents don't have their kids do chores--Jack explains why that may be a good thing. Plus, there's more debate on the Brennan security clearance issue. And, Bill Maher says that Trump is a Russian asset!


Thank you, Al!

We thank Al Sharpton today for adding yet another wonderful moment to the Armstrong & Getty soundbank..R-E-S-P-I-C-T. Plus, The Eagles can now be credited with producing the best selling album of all time! And, dress codes are changing, and dudes are guilty...of being dudes.