August 16, 2018


A Real Problem--Mis-Matched Socks

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack and Michaelangelo drive a serious conversation about mis-matched socks. Not to be missed--it may change your life! Plus, we learn about news uses for bleach. Yes, bleach (we didn't know it could go there).


The Failed Church

Within this hour of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe discuss the latest scandal involving the Catholic Church. Plus, ABC News analyst Brad Garrett joins the show to discuss the revocation of John Brennan's security clearance.


If You Don't Know What Introspection Is...

During this episode of A&G, SacBee Reporter Sam Stanton joins Jack & Joe with details on the arrest of a suspected ISIS member who's been living in Sacramento. Plus, drug overdoses are killing more people than ever.


Junior Mint

This episode of A&G features a story from America's infected appendix--Florida--something about bleach used on a body part and a pair of politicians at war with one another. Marshall has the headlines, and there's always Final Thoughts!