August 01, 2018


Fully Produced by HS Students!

This episode of A&G was, in fact, completely produced by a local high school A/V Club (as it is every day). Included in today's procedure, Positive Sean is spotted by a hunter. Plus, eSports training, a Trump rally and someone wrote something on Reddit.


The Idiotic Victim/Oppressor Perspective

During this episode of A&G, Joe brings-up an article about race--which contains a fatal flaw. Plus, why border security really isn't a contentious issue. And, why Jerry Brown has officially lost his mind.


Exhaustion in the Press Room

Turns out, the WH press is just plum tuckered out! White House correspondent Debra J. Saunders joins Armstrong & Getty to talk about covering The Trump Administration. Plus, what's behind the ridiculous Tom Hanks/QAnon story?


A Dispaging Poem

Within this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, a poem leads to an apology, then another and finally regret, sadness and frustration--particularly for Joe Getty! Plus, the interesting tale of pair of identical twins...and Final Thoughts!