July 24, 2018


Trump Free Tuesday #TFT

Trump fatigue has set-in among the Armstrong & Getty crew. The solution--A Trump Free Tuesday (we even used a stand-in for the photo in this post). The result--a peaceful easy feeling. HHmmmmmmm....


Songs that Make You Dance!

This episode of Armstrong & Getty was produced in full compliance with Trump Free Tuesday rules. Jack begins with an observation on life and the value of dance--he's dancing right now! Plus, Marshall has the Trump-free headlines.


The Pant Droping Congressman

How does Sasha Baron Cohen continue to manage to trick anyone with is hijinx? Armstrong & Getty take a look at his latest victim, GA lawmaker Jason Spencer. Plus, smugglers are flooding the southern US border with immigrants--Washington Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli has the details. Plus, reporter Bret Burkhart has details on the homicides that have taken place in SF.


How Many Jails?

During this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe follow-up on the topic of BART homicides in SF. Plus, Trump Free Tuesday continues and there's Final Thoughts!