July 23, 2018


The Honeymoon Banjo

Jack & Joe begin another broadcast week with banjos, an improv troupe and something called, "The Consistent Moron". What is that? Listen to Armstrong & Getty to find out!!


The Mother of all Metaphors

Donald Trump and Iran's grand poobah trade barbs--a prelude to WWIII? That's topic #1 within this episode of Armstrong & Getty. Plus, Comic Con wraps--Jack & Joe talk to reporter Jason Nathanson about the goings-on. And, Roseanne goes unhinged--or did she/


A Man of Principle, Not Landscaping

There's plenty of turf covered within this episode of Armstrong & Getty, including the big diff between millenials (past and present), The Dersh and The Porn Lawyer arguing on TV, and Senator Rand Paul raises a previously un-asked question.


I Want to Go Again!

During this episode of A&G: Carter Page is a nobody who did nothing wrong, a CEO's marital infidelity leads to his dismissal, cell phones will damage your memory and a final word on Roseanne's bizarre video!