July 20, 2018


We Womp Womped Michael!

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Michaelangelo reveals a secret car-buying strategy, Positive Sean reveals a previously unknown profession, Joe reveals a hidden depth about dressage and Jack reveals some disturbing facts about sunburns. Marshall? He reveals nothing but facts!


Mustard of Reality on Compassion Burger

Within this episode of A&G, the high and low crimes in the world of presidential politics as told by famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Plus, a bank that acts as a mob and the value of a good pizza.


The New Line of Bags

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Joe talks about his passion for radio and later suggests an incredible biz opportunity for an MSNBC talking head. Plus, Marshall has headlines!


Anti-Fascists and Homeflippin' Bums

We're winding down the week within this episode of A&G. News breaks regarding secret recordings made by Michael Cohen. Joe takes the SacBee to task. And, there's a brief appearance by Jim the Homeflippin’ Bum!