July 19, 2018


Dying at Checkout

During this episode of A&G, Joe opens his Mailbag to find an Ayn Rand quote, setting the stage for what may be the greatest 4 hours of radio ever heard during the upcoming 4 hours of radio! Stay Tuned!


Peak Tribalism

Examining the world of politics, Jack & Joe delve into the reality that we're in the midst of Peak Tribalism. Plus, reporter Steve Kastenbaum has a story about the Sanctuary City Lawsuit. Oh, and there's a segment on Free Love--not to be missed!


ISIS Making a Comeback in Iraq

The story out of Iraq is rather shocking--what's going on? Washington Post Beirut Bureau Chief Liz Sly talked to Jack & Joe about the problems faced by Iraqi citizens. Plus, Elderly Barn Fights--will it soon be a new show on The Learning Channel?


Taking Advantage of the Soft Heads

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe hear a report on a lawsuit involving anti-Islamophobia materials used in the San Diego School District. Plus, Marshall brings us yet another completely ludicrous medical study--and pays the price for his efforts!