July 11, 2018


Keep Your Enemies Close...

This episode of Armstrong & Getty begins with President's stance during his meeting with NATO members. Marshall has the details for Jack & Joe and you!


Jack's AR-15 Experience

Today's featured segment of The Armstrong & Getty Show focuses on Jack first experience shooting an AR-15. Plus, Trump's plain talk to NATO and a tractor chase in Florida!


Dismantling Modern Progressivism

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Joe gently, kindly, with soft-gloved hands offers a complete take-down of modern progressivism. Plus, Marshall has the details about Sarah Palin's anger towards Sacha Baron Cohen. And, there's a list of five terrifying drug crazes that were made up by the media.


A Fanciful Idea

This episode of A&G begins with the early days of the fast moving urban legend, moves towards Nut Job 2 (which Jack claims is a kids movie), segues over to George Clooney's scooter accident before finally Petering Out...and Final Thoughts!