June 05, 2018


Getting the Herd to Run

It's Election Day in the A&G Land. Jack & Joe spend the early morning revising the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and Joe offers of kind and gentle response to a very critical emailer.


It Ain't Worth a Buck!

During this episode of A&G, Jack laments the state of customer service in the world of retail. And, how could it possibly be true--a ton of people are giving up on the Bay Area.


What Smartphone Addiction??

Joining A&G during this episode, WaPo tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler, who attended the WWDC and knows a thing-or-two about how to keep your digital life private. Plus, Tim "The Lawyer" Sandefur writes an explanation of the President's power to pardon.


Get Out & Vote!

The CA Primary happens today, so you know what your job is today--VOTE! Noted political columnist Dan Balz joins A&G to talk about the weird ways of west, specifically the race for governor.