June 28, 2018


The Switcheroo Is Hilarious

Within this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, there's a little SCOTUS talk, a full Mailbag, a reality about a contingent of voters is acknowledged, and there's a hot NY Marxist!


It's Not the End of the World!

Tim "The Lawyer" Sandefur makes another appearance on Armstrong & Getty to talk about Justice Kennedy's retirement--what happens next? Plus, Maxine Waters is not awesome--Joe explains why.


What Is This On My Schnitzel?

What's happening within this episode of A&G? How about Chris Matthews--the new go-to guy howling & anger! Or, how about this--is the Dem Party having a Tea Party moment? Or, how about a German serial killer?


Our Country Is Being Torn Apart??

Joining Jack & Joe for this episode of A&G, Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association to discuss yesterday's Supreme Court decision regarding union dues--what does it mean for public sector labor? Plus, Trump is a rockstar in North Dakota. And, there's Final Thoughts!