June 27, 2018


Toot Your Own Horn

There was a major upset in a NY Congressional Race. And, is Roseanne really a racist? Plus, Marshall is nervous about his pushups and Sean has purchase a gi-normously sized phone. All that and more on this episode of Armstrong & Getty.


Too Old for Antietam

During this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe talk about comparisons being made between President Trump & Hitler. Plus, there's a new Supreme Court ruling on union dues, and Jack laments Straw Wars!


Shocking Crime Stories!

This is the crime noir episode of Armstrong & Getty, including the one about the guy who loves his mom too much (or too little), the Montana girl who loved her ex too much, and the wayward FBI Agent who loved his mistress...too much!


Tim the Lawyer on Scotus Union Dues

Tim the Lawyer joins Jack & Joe for this episode to provide some clarity on the Supreme Court's decision regarding union dues.