June 26, 2018


Our Era...is Fragile

This episode of Armstrong & Getty begins with thoughts on moon rocks and a proclamation--but that's not all folks! Jack & Joe also talk about the dangerous absurdity of Maxine Waters and President Trump's latest campaign comments.


A Swirling Angry Mob

There's more on Maxine Waters' call to harass members of the Trump Administration within this episode of Armstrong & Getty. Remain calm! Plus, Marshall has headlines and SF has a problem paying restaurant servers!


The Death of Shame

During this hour of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about some important things, and some not-so important things. Such as--guys sharing their laziest bachelor meals! Plus, why have CEO salaries sky-rocketed?


No Hympathy for Paul Ryan

There's plenty of terrain covered within this episode of A&G, including a report from the Washington Examiner's Kimberly Leonard on the passage of bill to fund the fight against opioid abuse. Plus, President Trump issues an official edict and there's Final Thoughts!