June 20, 2018


Wha Wha or Womp Womp

During this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe handle the Wha Wha controversy. Or, is it the Womp Womp...wah wah? Whatever! Corey Lewandowski said it and Jack & Joe will talk about it!


Even Worse Optics

The new political crisis faced by the Trump Administration, the crying kid story continues. The Washington Examiner's Andrew Egger joins Jack & Joe to talk about the political fallout.


He Likes Her Body

Within this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about President Trump's deep admiration for his daughter, Ivanka. Plus, the Crying Kid/Womp Womp saga continues! And, Craig the Obamacare Lawyer drops-in for talk on the woeful state of the government insurance biz.


Cancel That Picnic!

While President Trump meets with members of Congress to work on immigration, Jack & Joe handle the story about hookers menacing a SF eatery. Plus, tech reporter Drew Harwell joins A&G to talk about Tesla's major troubles. Plus, Marshall's News & Final Thoughts!