June 19, 2018


That Sounds like a Fake Cry!!

During this Episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe talk about the images and audio that are defining the current immigration debate. Joe has a full Mailbag and Marshall has the latest headlines.


If You're Explaining, You're Losing

David Drucker joins Jack & Joe for this episode of A&G to talk about the GOP's concerns regarding the potential negative effect President Trump's border enforcement policy could have on the November election.


The Gamers That Won't Go

The World Health Organization has issued a warning--video games are addictive--Positive Sean is asked to explain why gamers are so obsessive. Plus, Marshall has the latest news regarding the immigration debate.


The Problem with The Pandas

During this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show (alternate title: Come for the lies, stay for the emotional debate), Jack & Joe hit on a number of topics, including: immigration, the state of print media, the genius of Dana Carvey and of course--there's Final Thoughts!