June 13, 2018


Crustifarians or Ho-Bros?

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, a bursting-over Mailbag offers Joe the opportunity to ponder an important cultural question. Plus, Trump dismissed the NK nuclear threat and there are ways to hack commercial airliners.


The Sexy Walk

Rand Paul's lawn assault, a Late Night Joke Off and perhaps most importantly--a sexy walk. That's what's included within this episode of The Armstrong & Getty show.


When Did We Start To Get Dumber?

During this hour of the A&G, Jack & Joe talk about a new study on our intelligence--is it related to food? Plus, California could be split-up and a pimp earns entrance to the November ballot!


Tempo Right, Save a Life

This episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show is veritable smorgasbord, a bouillabaisse...or just a goulash of stories and ideas! Will Alec Baldwin run for President? What would Jack do with a time machine? Who tapes the President's notes back together? Jack & Joe answer all!