May 24, 2018


It Was Such an Innocent Time

During this episode of the Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe were cruising along as though Kim Jung Un and President Trump's pending summit was a go...but little did they know that those plans were about to change...


Now Back to the Insults

President Trump announced that the proposed summit with North Korea is off. During his episode, Jack & Joe turn to an expert on foreign policy strategy, Michael Auslin, to explain what happened. Plus, Marshall has a jam packed newscast.


Clap off, James

During this episode of A&G, Jack goes off on James Clapper for pushing his book while criticizing President Trump. Plus, more on the failed summit--hinky, hinky, hinky.


My Button is Bigger Than Your Button

We have more on the now-cancelled Trump/Kim Jung Un summit, with the benefit of Washington Post foreign desk reporter Will Englund to offer his insight into the story. Plus, TIny Food!