May 21, 2018


The Art of Dealing with Setbacks

The Armstrong & Getty Show is back to full strength! During this episode, Joe has a few thoughts for those who lack the ability to deal with adversity. Plus, there's a full review of the end of Friday's show (sans Jack & Joe).


Perfume and Skankery

There's a lot goin' in on this episode of A&G, including an update on Joe's dog Baxter, who continues on the path to his own demise. Plus, the scent of Playdoh and some reminiscence of Jack's bar-hopping days.


Trump Calls for An Investigation

Joining Jack & Joe during this episode of A&G, Washington Examiner's Steven Nelson to talk about President Trump's call for an investigation into the into whether the FBI infiltrated his campaign.


Somewhere near Genital Heights

During this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about former Obama admin official Arne Duncan's proclamation--let’s boycott schools until gun laws change. Plus, Jack & Joe compare and contrast some facts about a couple of leading CA gubernatorial candidates. And, Positive Sean is called out for not paying up!