May 02, 2018


You're Jealous Because I’m So Handsome!

We're riding a Hall & Oates high (or just Positive Sean is) while following the latest in the news (like the Trump subpoena) as well as these important topics: Joe's use of Bee-otch & Jack's Thistle Museum concept!


Hijacking the Stephon Clark Story

The official coroner's report on the death of Stephon Clark has been released--and a number of parties have lined-up to hijack the story--Joe has a message for them. Plus, what qualities lead President Trump to pick his personal doctor?


Your Mueller Moves!

One of our favorite White House correspondents, Debra Saunders, joins us from DC to talk about the thought of a Trump subpoena, and whether John Kelly actually refers to him as an idiot. Plus, the new Oculus VR--is it a virtual reality device that you'll actually want to purchase?


Baby Got Buy Back

VR...are our brains ready for it? Within this Episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe ponder it's many uses--including one that is so uniquely "Joe".