May 18, 2018


One Foot Bigger Than The Other

Within this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack reveals a significant personal fact that will shock you. Plus, Marshall has a major story about monkey beds, and naturally he has all the details you need about the royal wedding!


Blue Potatoes & Bio Weapons

Joining Jack during this episode of A&G, NYT's Emily Baumgaertner, who clues-us-in on the world of DYI gene editing. Later, Matt Zapotosky of the WaPo joins Jack to talk about the future of the Mueller Investigation.


Bias, What Bias?

Joining Jack for this episode of A&G, Jens Erik Gould of The Knife Media to evaluate the news media's efforts to cover the week's events.


The Most Positive Guy You'll Ever Meet

During this episode of A&G, Jack is joined by Danny Torres of Nana's Cafe (an A&G favorite). Danny is easily the most buoyant and friendly guy you'll every meet--Jack wants to know his secret! Plus, while the cat is away--the mice will play. Find out what happens when both Jack & Joe vacate the studio...