May 15, 2018


Insensitive and Persuasive

During this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Michaelangelo opts to poke the bear, quizzing Jack about his hatred of auto tech--why?? Plus, Joe has a full Mailbag and Marshall has the latest headlines!


Extortion in Seattle?

Seattle's Homeless Tax has been approved, but some are still not happy--is it extortion? (no). Also happening on this episode of Armstrong & Getty, plenty of flossing and a Late Night Joke Off.


Integrity Fee Will Bring Integrity

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe talk to columnist Bryce Miller about sports betting--what's the worst thing that could happen? Plus, what's the relationship between Marshall & the Charleston?


Why isn’t this story bigger?

President Trump confounded some with his decision to help a Chinese company get back to work. Washington Post reporter Tory Newmyer joins Jack & Joe to help sort it out. Plus, an uproar over a tiger at a prom.