May 14, 2018


Anonymous Slanders

During this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Mother's Day gifts, Avengers are huge in China, Seinfeld--it's been 20 years and perhaps our best slogan for a t-shirt.


The “s” stands for security

The internet of things is making its way into our homes, but is there enough security? Plus, Jack has some advice---LIFE AIN’T FAIR AND THE WORLD IS MEAN. And, Marshall has the latest on SCOTUS clearing the way for states to legalize sports gambling.


The Embassy is Open

Within this episode of A&G, Debra J. Saunders provides us with a live report from Jerusalem as the new US Embassy opens. Plus, Jack's kids exploit a parental weakness. And, does anyone remember hobbies?


Get to the Kicker

WaPo's West Coast guy, Scott Wilson, joins A&G for this episode to talk about statewide opinions on the sanctuary state issue. Plus, sports betting could become legal nationwide. And, Jack has a list of the heaviest items on earth!