May 10, 2018


Listener Shaming Thursday!

Within this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Positive Sean is challenged to describe Fornite in 10 words or less--will he succeed? Marshall has the latest wedding trend, and Joe's Mailbag is an opportunity to celebrate Listener Shaming Thursday!


How Dare You Try A Different Spice

In this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe tear-apart "cultural appropriation"--do you know the origins of your Bon-Mi sandwich? Plus, George Will goes after Mike Pence, using language that no one understands.


Little Pink Houses

Following the announcement that President Trump will meet with Kim Jung Un, Jack brings us Singapore Fun Facts! And, did you know that the government is tracking more phone calls than ever? Monica Lewinsky gets dis-invited, there's Royal wedding news and something about a pink house.


Wired for Wi-Fi

In this episode of A&G, Joe threatens to kill anyone who says that vinyl isn't better--and another old-tech is making a comeback! Plus, solar will required on all new homes built in CA--a slippery slope? And, Marshall has the latest headlines.