May 01, 2018


I Don't Deny Calling You An Idiot

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty...John Kelly called President Trump an idiot? There's a list of questions Mueller would like to ask The President. Plus, Bibi produces a multi-media presentation on Iranian Nukes.


Rap & Sports Diplomacy

Will Kanye respond to another rapper's threat on his life? Will Dennis Rodman and President Trump earn the Nobel Prize together? Will Joe stop calling everyone an idiot? Find out during this episode of A&G.


Job Opening: Mother Wanted

What would a "mother wanted" job description look like? Who would bother to answer to ad? Jack has the details. Plus, could the Zodiac Killer now be revealed using the DNA techniques that lead to the arrest of the East Area Rapist?


A Perjury Trap

The NY Times published a list of questions that Robert Mueller would like to ask President Trump. Who leaked the list? Why? Legal Expert Lanhee J. Chen joins Jack & Joe to explain the pitfalls of a Mueller/Trump meeting.