April 09, 2018


Stopping Assad

Airstrikes in Syria follow reports of a chemical attack on civilians in Syria. ABC Reporter Jordana Miller joins Armstrong & Getty for a live report.


Let's Fast Forward to Today!

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg made the media rounds last week to handle damage control in the wake of the massive data breach. Jack & Joe take a look at her disastrous Today Show interview.


Just Give Our Parks to the Homeless

The societal problems of homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse, mental health and crime continue to fester in our communities. Should we simply lay-down and cede control of public spaces to those who have nowhere to go? Is this how the problem is to be handled--Jack & Joe discuss.


Headed for a Trade War?

President Trump's new tariffs on Chinese goods have lead some to think we're headed towards a trade war. John Cochrane joins A&G to help explain. Plus, Al The Beggar shares his story--is he for real?