April 30, 2018


Presidential Leavings

Within this episode of A&G...Trump wins the weekend over a fame-fest. The border caravan is standing-by at the TJ/SD border crossing. And, Tired Mountain Syndrome--just call it an ouchy.


East Area Rapist Investigator Paul Holes

Joining A&G, Paul Holes--a retired with Contra Costa County cold case investigator to talk about how he used the site GED Match to help track down the East Area Rapist.


Everyone Hates Their Party

A new poll shows that polarization among those who are affiliated with either the GOP or the Dems is at an all-time high--what does it all mean? Armstrong & Getty quibble over the details. Plus, a new theory on the motivations of the East Area Rapist.


Everybody Likes Apu!!

The Simpson's can now lay claim to being the longest-running scripted show in history. But one of the most widely enjoyed characters on the show may no longer be a part of the cast. Will Apu live to see another episode? Plus, The Petering Out & Final Thoughts