April 27, 2018


The Plunderpit & The Peace Zone

During this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about the pussbowl that is our nation's Capital. Plus, who would have ever thought that North & South Korea would be talking peace!? Joe has Mailbag, and Marshall has the latest headline!


The Most Trusted Man in America

Within this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Cosby’s Evil Kink. Plus, North Korea expert Michael Auslin talks to Jack & Joe about the hand-holding love fest put on display by the two Korean leaders.


He Disappeared All The Time

One of the original investigators in the East Area Rapist case joined Armstrong & Getty to share her relief that a suspect has been arrested. Carol Daly worked the case during her long career with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department.


First Gradually...Then Suddenly.

Will the Iran Nuke deal be killed-off? An expert in such things, Abbas Milani, joins Armstrong & Getty to discuss. Plus, a Sacramento resident who says she had a face-to-face experience with the East Area Rapist in 1978 talks to Jack & Joe about the chilling meeting.