April 25, 2018


You're petty, You're Tom Petty!

During his episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe talk about kids and their need for conflict. Plus, is this the first slow news cycle--what does it mean for the show? And, experience the moment when Jack relates to ISIS members--oh yeah!


Who are the 'incels'?

We're learning more about the Toronto van attack guy, and the incel movement--who aim to take-down all of the Chad's & Stacy's--what does that mean?? Plus, Joe has a list of the 10 Habits of Unlikeable People--are you a humble bragger???


Melania's Just Not Interested!

While President Trump and President Macron meet to solidify their relationship, First Lady Melania Trump is being scrutinized for...everything! Also happening during this episode of the Armstrong & Getty Show, a Late Night Joke-Off, and more on the so-called "incel movement".


East Bay Rapist Suspect Arrested

The big story this morning--the arrest of a suspect in the East Area Rapist case. Jack & Joe go over the details as they begin poring in.