April 12, 2018


Zuck’s Masterpiece in Dodging

Jack & Joe conduct a complete review on the Mark Zuckerberg's appearance in DC. Plus, we revisit a classic Michael Cohen moment, and there's a TV Dinner recall!


Plundering the US Treasury

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow John Cogan joins A&G to talk about how unrestrained funding of federal entitlement programs will drive our country into a ditch. Plus, Mike Pompeo's confirmation hearing is interrupted by protesters--Joe helpfully provides them with a new chant!


An Ax & A Bowling Ball--fair fight!

Joe makes a great discovery. At Social Ax, you can have a beer AND throw axes at a wall--perfection! Plus, Inspiring Alert Nipples, Cavs' star Triston Thompson is boo'd at home, and Jack introduces a new Transitional Music candidate.