March 07, 2018


Say Hello to Flippy!

This morning, Jack Armstrong talks about his new obsession (yes, that's right) America's Not-Sweetheart Arie Luyendyk Jr!! Plus, Joe Getty has a full Mailbag, Marshall has news. Oh yeah, there's also "Flippy The Burger Flipper".


Trey, Not Curt

Outgoing Congressman Trey Gowdy calls for another special prosecutor, there are terrified drivers, angry students and Nazi cakes. All that and more during his hour of Armstrong & Getty!


Put Me in the Zuckerberg Dungeon

During this hour of A&G, the power and influence of certain tech companies segues into a conversation about OJ which leads to another conversation about Stormy Daniels...and ends with a loving image of making pottery!!


Tech Addiction & Chinese Space Junk

Aza Raskin, the cofounder of the Center for Humane Technology joins Jack & Joe to share his thoughts about how tech is changing society, and the obligations big companies have to be good citizens in our society.