March 28, 2018


The Arbiters Of Universal Truths

There's lots to cover on this fine episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show. We'll find out about Joe's new autobiography, "“UNDONE BY HUNGER" and why he'd gun down family members. Jack has some info on a fantastic new spring break destination (for dictators) and we'll review the NDA's that PS, Marshall & Michaelangelo have signed to work on the show.


The Thelma & Louise Party

He's running for Governor of the State of California--candidate John Cox joined A&G to explain why he deserves your vote. Plus, Marshall has the latest on the raucous Sacramento City Council meeting.


I Want Zuckerberg in Chains!

On this episode of A&G, Rosanne Returns to TV! Plus, Washington Examiner Political Writer Philip Wegmann joins Jack & Joe to debunk the idea of repealing the 2nd amendment. And, there's more trouble for Facebook--Marshall has the latest.


The Knife Media--take the spin out!

One of the founders of The Knife Media, Jens Erik Gould, joins A&G to talk about how his organization analyzes news stories for "Spin, Slant and Logic" to help you know which news outlets operate with the most honesty and integrity. Plus, Marshall has the news and Final Thoughts!