March 27, 2018


The Era of the Absurd

The Tuesday Edition of the Armstrong & Getty Show begins with questions about the bizarro world we live in today. Joe has a full Mailbag, Marshall has the news and Jack explains why his militia goes shirtless!


Up Your Grandiosity

Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty reflect on their time at The Hoover Institute. Plus, Sarah Westwood joins the show to talk about the latest regarding President Trump's legal situation.


Crisis Focus

Fresh from their visit to The Hoover Institute, Jack & Joe talk to Hoover research fellow Bill Whalen about the future of moderate and conservative thought in California politics. Washington Examiner's Emily Jashinsky joins the show to talk about what was left out of the Stormy Daniels interview.


What the Hell Is Happening?

Jack & Joe talk to one of the favorites, Niall Ferguson, about the change in attitude that's taking place in regards to free speech. Plus, coverage of the Sacramento law enforcement press conference regarding the Stephon Clark shooting.