March 23, 2018


We're The Beavers, And You'll Be Dammed!

The Friday Edition of A&G starts with a hyperventilating Jack Armstrong, who's overwhelmed by the quantity of news stories to talk about! McMaster/Bolton, Trump/McDougal, McDonald's/Trump. It's all happening!


How Will It All End?

Karen McDougal reveals the details of her affair with a pre-presidential Donald Trump. Is this a national crisis? Is anyone really surprised? Is this anyone's business?


How Did This Happen?

Marketwatch reporter Francine Mckenna joins A&G to detail the rise and fall of Silicon Valley darling, Theranos. Plus, Marshall has the latest news and a look back at why the Rosanne Show was so great.


Hoops Disrupted

A massive protest at Golden One Center sent Kings fans headed in the opposite direction yesterday. Monica Lowe stopped by chat about her experience. On the subject of Trump, Jay Cost of the Weekly Standards drops-in for quick conversation. Also, what if Trump were to tweet through a divorce?