March 13, 2018


So You Think This Is Funny, eh?

Rex Tillerson is out, Mike Pompeo is our new secretary fo State. Why the change? Armstrong & Getty pull the story apart for your listening enjoyment. Plus, the president is in San Diego and playgrounds can no longer be playgrounds.


Gators, Aardvarks & Perms

President Trump makes his first trip to California since the election to inspect the border wall concepts--and the sounds of protesters is not too far behind. Jack & Joe discuss the value of using unconventional means to secure our borders, along with some snappy chants that protestors could use to greet the President.


Best Sleeep Hacks!

How appropriate! Just a few short days after the time change, Jack has a few suggestions to help us all sleep a little better! Nighty Night! Plus, Stormy Daniels is on TV and Jack Nicholson experiences anonymity on the home court!


Russian Spies in London!

There are more Russian spies in London than existed there during the cold war! During this hour of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about the recent poisoning incident that took place in London involving a former Russian spy. How long will it take 007 to rectify this situation?