February 08, 2018


Marshall Considers Scrotox Trial

While Jack & Joe lament Congress' unwillingness to limit their spending, Marshall Phillips considers his involvement in a new clinical trial. Will he embrace Joe's encouragement, or Jack's horrific concerns?


Eagles Parade: no manure snacks

ABC Reporter Karen Travers joins Armstrong & Getty live from Philly for a report on the Eagles victory parade. Marshall has the details about the budget agreement. Plus, Brando & Pryor confirmed!


The San Quentin Inmate Sex Slave

SF Chronicle's Andy Ross joins A&G to provide the details on the story about William Cordoba, the convicted murderer and San Quentin sex slave. Marshall reports on Nancy Pelosi's epic 8 hour speech. Plus, the Portland Crows!


The King of Debt

The Washington Post's Erica Werner joins A&G to talk about the budget deal and the deficit. There seems to be agreement on one thing--our government is going to keep spending money. Plus, how Nancy Pelosi is tougher than Rand Paul.