February 20, 2018


Fergie is So Sorry

Leading off this episode of The Armstrong & Getty Show--she tried, but failed. Fergie says she's sorry for bungling the anthem at the NBA All Star Game!


Red Sparrow Author Jason Matthews

The author of the "Red Sparrow" book series, former CIA agent Jason Matthews, joined A&G to talk about the Russian efforts to undermine our democracy. Plus, Marshall Phillips has the story about USA Swimming covering-up sexual abuse.


The Peak Police!

During this hour of A&G, Marshall Phillips has the story about reports of abuse being covered up by USA Swimming. Plus, have you had a peak experience? Are you about to have one right now?


The Russian Trolls Aim to Confuse

Unlike the adorable characters from the animated film, Russian Trolls aim to disrupt our lives and undermine our political system. Washington Post reporter Rosalind Helderman joins A&G for details about how the trolls became part of our 2016 election experience.