February 16, 2018


The Conscience of the Nation

While weaving our way through the news of the day, we're also considering a new slogan! Plus, Jack claims that no one can make him angry on the topic of gun control--Joe aims to disprove him!


It's Easier to be Angry

During this hour of The Armstrong & Getty Show, Jack & Joe talk about AR15, and the feelings that we experience following a tragedy such as the Parkland Florida school shooting.


Consensual Affairs--Nobody’s Business

Ronan Farrow's latest is a story about an affair between President Trump and a former Playboy bunny--does anyone care? Is it anyone's business? Plus, Bannon testifies in the Mueller investigation, and Joe laments why he's not a notable figure at his college.


Kinda Jivey

Does Melania care about the latest Trump affair story? Plus, the Parkland shooter's troubled upbringing and some ideas about security and guns in schools and Apple's dangerous new HQ--that's the final hour of The Friday Edition of The Armstrong & Getty Show!