February 12, 2018


Rooting for Others to Fail!

During this hour of The Armstrong & Getty Show, we celebrate the accomplishments of Red Gerard, Joe has a fresh Mailbag and Marshall has the latest headlines!


Why So Much Fawning Over North Korea

In this hour of A&G, Jack & Joe debate the need to discuss some of the very serious bad Olympic stories during live coverage of the events. Plus, why are so many prominent news outlets fawning over North Korean cheerleaders? Kim Jo Un?


The Ol’ Cable Package Trick

NY Times national security reporter Matthew Rosenberg joins Armstrong & Getty to discuss his story about how a Russian with bogus info was paid $100,000 by the US government. Plus, Vitamin C won't fix your cold. And, why don't you care about the debt problem?


We Need More Sequins!

The Winter Olympics are in progress, and we're inclined to ask--do figure skaters get dizzy? Plus, Jack explains why he's refrained from telling a certain joke--until now!