February 01, 2018


Ask Not What Your Country Can Drool for You

The Nunes Memo, more scary than ever? During this hour of A&G, we wait for the release of the controversial documents. Plus, DACA, Trump's Tweets and Marshall Phillips' first news!


Chivalrous or Stupid?

During this hour of A&G, new details about the Strzok & Page emails. The Washington Examiner's Andrew Egger joins the show with the latest on the Nunes Memo. Plus, thoughts on a CA teacher's derogatory remarks about members of the military.


Lara Logan Interview

There is perhaps no better reporter on the subject of Afghanistan than 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan. Jack & Joe talked to Logan about how much has changed in that war-torn nation. DO NOT MISS THIS DISCUSSION!


That Straw'll Get Ya Some Jail Time!

Within the final hour of our Thursday Edition, Jack talks about his tough uncle and Olympic corruption. Joe has the story about one CA lawmaker's drive to outlaw drinking straws. Plus--sports talk! Will Lebron head to the Warriors?