November 29, 2018


Spasms of Pique

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, the A&G crew grapples with a revelation about Michaelangelo's sleeping habits and the extra partner who shares his bed! Listen--the details will shock you. Plus, the surprising study about liberal attitudes towards minorities.


CK, Cohen & FM

Louis CK and Michael Cohen are featured within this episode of A&G--for entirely different reasons. Plus, Marshall has a new FM story (thanksfully) and we round-it-out with some important shopping advice!


Live Somewhere Cool

There's blood on the hands of CA governor--explained during this episode of A&G. Plus, Joe aims to further understand our Yemen and Saudi Arabia foreign policy positions. And, we hear from the President regarding Michael Cohen's guilty plea.


This Is Now a Duty

Joining Jack & Joe for this episode of A&G, Butte County Schools Superintendent Tim Taylor with information about how you can help the kids in Paradise get back to school. Plus, some truth about the new climate change report. And, we hold Joe back from punching someone from FEMA and the VA.